Bad Rain and Schroth Cure

The feeling of happiness, effective slimming, and anti-ageing: no other diet or cure can boast all these assets.

This naturopathic detox cure, developed by Johann Schroth, has been administered here in Oberstaufen for 65 years. The four basic elements of the Schroth Cure are the diet, the regulated fluid intake, the body wraps and rest and exercise. Through the naturopathic treatment the body detoxifies and purifies, enabling regeneration. It is ideal to invest in your health and the aim is to activate your body’s own self-healing powers for a healthier future.

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How It Works

In the early hours of the morning each guest receives a full body wrap. This causes an increase of the peripheral circulation and stimulates the body’s metabolism. In return a complete body cleansing takes place. The rhythmic change of fluid intake named “dry” days and “drinking” days stimulates the healing powers and detox process. Combined with rest and exercise this optimises the effect.